Ravago Petrokimya Turkey

"Don’t try to be the best. Try to work with the best."

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TPE product...

TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomers...

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TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane...

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The leading EPS producer of Europe

Ravago Petrokimya Turkey...

RAVAGO expands TPE manufacturing to China

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Welcome to Ravago Petrochemical website. Get information about our products and applications and websites you can use to communicate with us. Ravago with his investments and petrochemical production capacity in recent years, Turkey has become the second largest petrochemical production company location. Ravago Petrochemicals, are produced in Turkey.

Ravago Group

In the plastics industry, which has a half-century history of the Belgium-based company with more than 200 sales Ravago, the distribution and recycling operates in 50 countries. The world's 30 factories spread over 3 continents and the production capacity of 1 million tonnes Production Ravago NV (Ravago Manufacturing), Ravago after Global's distribution is the largest business line.