Enlac® - Acrylonitrile Budadiene Styrene Compounds

We offer very wide range of ABS compounds with ENLAC® brand name. Besides standard products, we design our ABS compounds according to needs of our customer’s specific requirements.

ENLAC® ABS Product Properties
* Wide range of  technical properties
* High impact resistance
* Excellent dimensional stability
* Compatible with polar plastics (PVC,PC,PBT,SAN)
* Superior stiffness
* Easy processability
* Glossy surface
* Flame retardant properties according to UL 94 and IEC 60695 standards

Our ENLAC® ABS compounds are also being designed with desired properties as a replacement of HIPS and metal. We offer ENLAC® ABS compounds with variety of properties such as glass fiber, glass bead and mineral filled, flame retardant, high impact resistant, high heat resistant, conductive etc..


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Kitchen and Home appliances

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