Enylon® - Polyamide Compounds (Polyamide 66)

We offer very wide range of polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 compounds  with ENYLON®  brand name. Besides standard products, we design our polyamide compounds according to needs of our customer’s specific requirements.

ENYLON® PA Product Properties
* Excellent mechanical properties
* Good electric resistance
* High heat resistance
* Flame retardant properties according to UL 94 and IEC 60695 standards
* Easy processability
* Good abrasion resistance
* Stiffness (glass fiber filled products)
* Excellent toughness (after moisture absorbance)
* Excellent performance after long term thermal aging
* High chemical resistance

Our ENYLON® PA compounds are also being designed with desired properties as a replacement of PC, PP, metal and POM. We offer ENYLON® PA compounds with variety of properties such as glass fiber, glass bead and mineral filled, flame retardant, high impact resistant, high heat resistant, conductive etc. These compounds can be designed prime or industrial quality according to customer requirements.

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