Eurocell 100 R - Technical Data Sheet

Product Description:
Eurocell® 100R, spherical beads, is produced as “Expandable Polystyrene” containing Pentane as expansion agent.

Typical Properties:
Bead Size Range (mm): 0,4 – 0,7
Sieve Analysis: 0.4 mm - 0.8 mm min %99
Bulk Density : ≈ 615 kg/m3

Eurocell® is 100R is an EPS class, which can be produced in density ranges between 22 kg/m3 – 35 kg/m3 suitable for high quality block molding and shape molding with a section thickness of 10 mm and lower, ensuring rapid molding with its short cycle time.
Eurocell® 100R in general is used for cases and packaging product suitable for food contact, insulation application which is not requiring fire classification, in industrial applications inside proton brick with impact absorber and for light concrete applications.

All Eurocell® products packaging are made in standard big-bag packages of 1100 kg or 1125 kg. The product protection is ensured by means of a content insulated plastic inner lining placed between the product and big bag.

Eurocell® 100R should be stored in well-ventilated storage areas with temperatures preferably not exceeding 25°C. It shall be protected against unsuitable weather conditions and direct sun light. Partially used containers should be closed as tight as originaly conditions, paying attention to avoid any space between the raw material and lining, and should be consumed in a short time. In order to maintain the expansion potential it is recommended to start the transformation within one month after delivery, if the package is not opened.

From expansion of the beads to block or mold shaped products, the entire transformation process is managed with water vapor. Eurocell® 100R is expandable in a single expansion at densities between 22 kg/m3 – 35 kg/m3. The minimum density achievable may vary depending on the expander type and process conditions.
As temporary storage time in silos are 12-30 hours recommended depending on the density, atmosphere and process conditions.
For special applications please contact our technical service.

General Information:
Eurocell® 100R requires to be avoided restrictively from sparks and flames during phases of processing and storage. Grounding of entire equipment and machines are required, in order to prevent against static electricity development on the product conveying lines and during product processing. Also ensure ventilation on floor level during the storage and process phases. Please make sure to read the “Material Safety Data Sheet” (MSDS), which contains entire details of the measurements required to be taken.

Eurocell® 100R is suitable and permitted to be used in food contact applications.
Eurocell®100R is produced in Izmir, Turkey.

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