PUR - Polyurethane Systems

Our company has been a key player in polyurethane system industry for 25 years with over 300 different types of polyurethane systems.

We always a imed to fulfill the needs and expectations of our esteemed customers and for this purpose versatility of product range plays a key factor in our success. Today we are producing different types of polyurethane systems in our new state of the art system house including both thermoplastic and thermoset types.

Main products that we produce are rigid headlines, discontinuous panel (DCP) polyurethane systems, continuous panel (CP) polyurethane systems, spray polyurethane systems, flexible polyurethane systems, cold cure flexible polyurethane systems, integral skin systems, visco elastics, CASE (Coatings - Adhesives - Sealants - Elastomers) polyurethane systems, footwear systems and polyurea.

Polyurethane systems are used in different industries such as building and construction, furniture, automotive, home appliances, footwear, transport, electrical and electronics, energy.

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