Evocoat® - Polyurea Systems

Polyurea is an elastomer which is produced by preparing 1:1 mixture in volume of isocyanate and polyamines. It can be in both aromatic and aliphatic structures. Polyurea elastomers are mechanically resistant to UV. Aromatic polyurea may change its color when it is exposed to UV, while it does not lose its mechanical properties. On the other hand, no color change is observed on aliphatic polyurea when it is is exposed to UV.

Advantages of Polyurea:
Short reaction time (5-15 seconds)
Resistant against ambient temperature and humidity
Very short time of out-of-service thanks to quick curing
Curing even at 0°C
No solvent content and very small value of VOC (volatile organic compound)
Excellent mechanical properties (very high tearing strength, impact strength, flexibility and elongation)
Perfect binding on the area of application, especially on metal and concrete surfaces
Any desired thickness of application
Jointless application
Possibility to use on notched or rough surfaces which do not provide a smooth application area; and compatibility for use on materials with food contact, since it is not hazardous (fresh water pipes, fresh water tanks, etc.)

Areas of Use:
Refineries, gas and oil pipelines
Fertilizer factories
Food facilities and factories
Uncritical waste areas
Pathways and balconies
Water and waste water tanks
Industrial and production areas
Power stations
Structural steel
Storehouse floors
Cold room facilities
Land filling
Car park floors

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