Evoflex® - Flexible Polyurethane Systems

Cold cure flexible polyurethane systems
In our cold cure product line we mainly serve furniture and automotive markets. As in other products, our systems are tailor fitted to specific needs and pre requests of our customers. Ranging from HR foams, flame retardant and low density systems to special low emission foams, we create robust and high performing flexible polyurethane systems.

Furniture Market  > Cold cure systems,
Integral skin systems, Viscoelastics
Our cold cure product line ranges from low density flexible moulded foams (42 kg/m3 moulded density) up to 140 kg/m3 for high impact foams. In our formulations we aim to have robust products which are resistant to mould failures, temperature (mould / material) variances and a wide range of polyol / isocynate ratios to enable different end product properties while maintaining the performance of the product. Thanks to our in house test rig, we test all batches we produce in a high pressure PUR injection machine using the moulds of our customers to bulletproof the end product performance levels.

Automotive Market > Cold cure systems,
Integral skin systems, Viscoelastics,
Semi rigids, RIM, Filter Systems
Our company has been a strong partner for OEM customers since many years. The key to have this strong alliance with our OEM business partners is to make sure get a high level of understanding of Automotive market such as quality certifications to low emission products and staying inline with customer key parameters in each and every batch of product we deliver. We also formulate customers based cold cure polyurethane systems for automotive market to ensure high level of turnaround and production speed.

Bedding Industry > Viscoelastics
We offer the latest technology viscoelastic polyurethane which is getting its viscoelasticity from pneumatic properties of the foam. This technology prevents the oscillation of foam hardness based on the medium temperature. Moreover, this technology enables the foam to breath and increase the feeling and comfort all-around.

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