Some apllications and industries of Silicone Elastomers:


Our broad portfolio of silicone products offers innovative solutions as possible replacements for ceramic materials, such as porcelain and glass, in the field of medium and high voltage technology. Our silicone solutions generally are lighter, require less maintenance, offer improved hydrophobicity, excellent tracking and erosion resistance, ease of processing and outstanding service life. Typical applications include, but are not limited as high voltage insulators, cable accessories, terminations / cable  joints, breakers / disconnect switches, surge arrestors, wire and cable such as seramified cables, sleeves etc.
LSR Products: Electro 242-0, Electro 242-1, Electro 242-2, Electro 242-3, Electro 342 Grey, Electro 641, LSR 2345/06, Electro 940, LSR 2345/07, EL 1959

HCR Products: Hard ash (Seramified) cable compounds, Ravasil silicone compounds for other energy cables, Electro 170, Electro 1700, XE23-70U, XE23-B2484, Silplus 60CW, Silplus 70CW, Silplus 40 EX Silplus 70 EX.

Silicone Elastomers, are also used at wide application areas in wind energy and solar energy systems.
Products: RTV 615, RTV 830

Automotive & Transportation:

Our products are used in a wide variety of automotive and transportation applications. Momentive’s silicone products are easy to process and generally maintain their elastomeric properties in extreme hot and cold environments, offer excellent dielectric properties, resist weathering and offer low compression set. Momentive’s silicone elastomers are excellent candidates to consider for a variety of sealing, bonding and insulating applications. Momentive also offers specialty products that can provide excellent resistance to many types of automotive fluids. Typical applications include, but are not limited as gaskets, o-rings, hoses, spark plug boots, diaphragms, connector seals, ignition cables, air-management system, gaskets, exhaust hangers, fuel system valves, powertrain applications.

LSR Products: LSR 2650 ZKS, LSR 2660 ZKS, LSR 7005, LSR 7030, LSR 7060, LSR 7070 FC, LSR 7080 J, LSR 7090, LSR 2171, FFSL 7031, FFSL 7041, FFSL 7061, FFSL 7071, FFSL 7286/40, FSL 7641, FSL 7651, FSL 7661, FSL 7586/40

HCR Products:  RAVASIL Platinum ve Peroxide curing compounds, FSE 7540, FSE 7560, FSE 7570-D1, FSE 7340, FSE 7360, FQE205U, FQE206U, FQE207U, FQE307U, Silplus 40MP, Silplus 50 MP, Silplus 60 MP, Silplus 70MP, Silplus 80MP, Silplus 40 EX, Silplus 60EX, Silplus 80EX, HV 3/431, HV 3/531, HV 6/600

Home Appliances and Consumer goods:

Our silicone products can provide heat resistance, flame retardancy and moisture/dirt protection, making them excellent choices to consider for a variety of sealing, bonding and insulating applications. Typical applications include but are not limited as shoe insert, infant care products, bakeware, kitchen utensils, gasketing, advanced, seals, tubes, emblems, irrigation sytems,
LSR Products: LSR 2050, LSR 2070, LSR 2640, LSR 2670
HCR Products:  RAVASIL Platin and Peroxide cured silicone compounds, Addisil  1150 M, Addisil 1170 M
RTV Products: RTV 830, RTV 8001



The electronics industry encompasses a broad range of devices and components that present a wide spectrum of material performance requirements. Momentive Performance Materials expansive portfolio of silicones offers an array of potential solutions for a variety of applications, including mobile phones, portable electronic devices, home networking and entertainment equipment, document handling systems, computers, laptops and peripherals, displays and projectors keypads, lighting.
LSR Products: LSR 2345/06, LSR 2530, LSR 2540, LSR 7005, LSR 7030, LSR 7060, LSR 7070 FC, LSR 7080J, LSR 7090
HCR Products: RAVASIL Platinum and Peroxide curing compounds, XE23-703U, XE23-B2484, XE20-A7013U, XE20-A7016U
RTV Products: RTV 133


Agriculture & Livestock 

Water irrigation systems, milking equipments, membranes, o-rings are some of the applications.

Products :
LSR Products: LSR 2841, LSR 2650, LSR 2640

HCR Products: RAVASIL Platinum and Peroxide curing compounds, Silplus 70 MP, Silplus 40 MP, Addisil 1140 M, Addisil 1170 M



Our broad portfolio of silicone elastomers for applications in the healthcare industry has been tested against USP Class VI and/or ISO10993 biocompatibility standards. The distinctive properties of silicone elastomers – purity, clarity, strength – coupled with ease of processability, have resulted in their use in a broad range of medical device applications. Our silicone materials exhibit exceptional stability over a wide range of temperatures, lending themselves to use in applications requiring repeated sterilization performance. Some applications are the following: dental / surgical devices, diagnostics / imaging, fluid and drug delivery  devices, orthopedics / prosthetic, scar management, septa / stoppers / laboratory accessories, medical tubing, wound drains and bulbs, sterilization mats, pharmaceutical closures, instrument grips, dialysis o-rings, positioning devices, catheters, seals / o-rings / valves,respiratory / anesthesia, medical equipment, keypads.
LSR Products: LSR 4020, LSR 4030, LSR 4040, LSR 4050, LSR 4070, LSR 2020, LSR 2030, LSR 2040, LSR 2050, LSR 2060, LSR 2070, LSR 2080, LSR 2630, LSR 2640, LSR 2650, LSR 2670
HCR Products: RAVASIL Platinum curing compounds, Addisil 440, Addisil 450, Addisil 460, Addisil 470, Addisil 480
RTV Products: RTV 830, RTV 8001



Silicone elastomers are used in spin castings,  jewelery molding rubbers.
HCR Products: Silplus 40HT, Silplus 70 HT, HV 3/431, XE20-A7013U, XE20-A7016U
RTV: TSE 3455 ST


Moulding Silicones

Silicone elastomers with very low shrink characteristics making it suitable for use making moulds with very high dimensional accuracy. Addition cure silicone is also very durable making it ideal for repetitive casting operations. In furniture applications, silicone elastomers offer a variety of products for the architectural and furniture industries. For those smaller, more detailed parts where lower durometers can be used, condensation cure products.

Some of our Products: RTV7888-20, RTV426, RTV430, are offered. Larger parts requiring greater dimensional stability may best be  molded using addition cure products such as RTV664, RTV668, RTV868, TSE3453, TSE3455T,  TSE3456T, and TSE3466.


Textile Industry

Both products RTV and LSR are based on the addition reaction. The designation as LSR or RTV is not always logical in textile coating because both product types are cured at elevated temperature. The naming is based on the product and application history. The Liquid Silicone Elastomers (LSE or LSR) products are resin type textile coatings. They are a very good choice when a smooth and non-blocking surface is required. RTV cure products for lace coating, clothes, conveyor belt, fabric coating, lamination, silicone to silicone bonding etc.

Some of our products: Silopren LSR 2530, Silopren LSR 2540, Silopren LSR 2560, RTV 820, RTV 830, RTV 833, RTV 834.

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