Ravasil® - Silicone Elastomers

HCR Silicones:
Silicone HCR compounds are used in hundreds of different industries such as cable & wire, automotive, medical, electrical and electronics, energy, baby products, jewelery, agriculture & livestock, white goods and household appliances.

We formulate silocone compounds in  different curing systems (peroxides and platinum catalysts) and selling silicone elastomers based on Momentive silicone elastomer products and RAVASIL® brand name at full range of  necessary technical and physical properties,  hardness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, etc.
We realize your projects along with your creative ideas with our advanced technology and our R & D facilities.

RTV Silicones:
One-or two-component silicone elastomers which cure at ambient conditions. Utmost Momentive silicone elastomer technology allows us to serve RTV-1 and RTV-2 products for mold making for sophisticated parts such as wood imitation PU parts, prototyping, jewelry, sculpture, plastic and rubber parts, manufacturing equipment, shoe sole moulds, and other many variety of applications.

Besides above mentioned applications we provide RTV-1 and RTV-2 products to aerospace & aviation, automotive, white goods, electrical and electronics, textiles and many othe industries that require high performance silicone products.

Aviation and aerospace: Cockpit instruments, electronic power equipment, curcuit and terminal protection, wire sealants, engine gasketing, engine electronics potting, cargo door seals, window assambly sealants, weather strip adhesive, lightening selants, ventilation ducks, general maintenance.

Automotive: ECU potting - sealing - coating, wire connector potting, alternator voltage regulators, actuators, HVAC systems, sensor potting - sealing, airflow meters, pressure sensors, temparature sensors, rotation sensors, ulrtasonic sensors, headlamp seals, LED lamp potting, airbag coating, engine FIPG.

Consumer goods: Flat panel display sealing, CRT wedges - bases - anodes, microwave oven doors - box sealaning, steam iron plate seal, airconditioner units, gas staves, heaters-ovens, control panel insulation, PCB fixing-sealing.

Consumer Electronics & Microelectronics:  Power modules, converters, solar cells, hybrid ICs,  micro electronics, high voltage part insulation, sensors, membrane swithces, leds,  photo couplers.

LSR Silicones:
LSR is a two-component, platinum (addition/heat) curable  and pumpable silicone elastomer that can be molded and cured with very fast cycle times at elevated temperatures. The molding process allows complex part geometry and exact dimensions. LSR can enable short cycle time injection and fully automatic flash - less and trim - free manufacturing.

Typical applications for liquid silicone rubber are products that require high precision such as seals, sealing membranes, electric connectors, multi-pin connectors, infant products where smooth surfaces are desired, such as bottle nipples, medical applications as well as kitchen goods such as baking pans, spatulas, etc. Often, silicone rubber is over molded onto other parts made of different plastics.

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