Evopour® Evospray® - Rigid Polyurethane Systems

Our rigid line consists of a high variety of products ranging from conventional systems for insulation, appliance, waste energy conservation, cavity fillers to more specialised products as highly flame retardant B1 class foams. In all our rigid formulations we aim to have 100% product consistency by using a fully automated and computer run production method which leaves no space for human error. Product performance is always top in our priority list and we pride to be the industry wide benchmark of quality polyurethanes.  

Discontinuous Panel (DCP) Polyurethane Systems
Our DCP polyurethane systems are made of a base rigid polyol of high functionality reinforced with viscosity and flow modifier polyols as well as high functionality polyols in order to maintain superb mechanical properties. Like all our polyurethane systems, our DCP polyurethane systems are as well free of 141b. We use environmentally friendly blowing agents as our respect for the new generations and our world.

Continuous Panel (CP) Polyurethane Systems
We are well aware that CP lines -no matter how alike they look- have many differences from one to another. For this reason we make sure to touch up our formulations based on the specific needs of our customers not just for our niche products but also for high volume products such as CP polyurethane systems. We deliver simple solutions to our customers no matter if they want to produce a B1 grade foam or 20 cm of panel thickness and prevent consumers to use more than one polyurethane system for their differentiating end product expectations.

Spray Polyurethane Systems
Being one of the dominant players in Turkish PUR spray market, we deliver our customers highest quality spray PUR with perfect finish decreasing unnecessary consumption due to surface undulation, high surface hardness to give it a robust feel as well as high grade mechanical insulation properties.

Other Rigid Applications
Our philosophy is to serve our esteemed customers with tailor made products to meet their needs. In our rigid polyurethane portfolio we offer more than 120 specialised products ranging from water based systems to B1 grade foams for different industries from appliance to construction and even in niche markets such as military rocket carriers. Let us know your needs and we will answer with the right products for your company.

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