Ravago, which started its production activities in Turkey in 2001, gathered all plastic raw material production companies in Turkey under Ravago Petrokimya A.Ş. Today, Ravago Petrokimya having its own R&D center, is among the most important plastic raw material producers in Europe, operating on a total area of 255.000 m² in its Taysad, Kocaeli and Aliaga, İzmir production facilities.

Our company, started its first production activities in Gebze, Kocaeli in 2001 in the field of Thermoplastic Elastomer business and started the production of Engineering Plastics in 2014. As of 2019, Ravago Petrokimya is the leading and highest technology production facility of Turkey and our group thanks to its industry 4.0 automation system integrated compounding plant in Aliaga / İzmir.

Ravago Petrokimya, which started the first activity of our group in the field of chemistry in 2012, has become Turkey's first and only Thermoplastic Polyurethane producer. Our company has added polyol and polyurethane system solutions to its product range in the polyurethane sector, which it entered with TPU production, with an acquisition made in 2013. Today, we produce both Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Polyurethane Systems under one roof in our TAYSAD facility.

With the global purchase we made in 2012, we are in the position of Turkey's first and largest and Europe's top 3 manufacturers in our Expandable Polystyrene Business Unit, where we operate in our Aliağa, İzmir facility.

In our R&D center, founded in 2017, with our technically experienced employees and vast knowledge, we also provide service to every special product request and solution to every kind of process improvement in addition to our wide product range that we have accessed. Our close cooperation with the leading OEMs and suppliers of the industries we have worked with, and our collaborations with universities enable us to take a position for the future.

Our ISO 9001:2000 certified production system, which we have established on meeting the needs of our customers in the most perfect way and on continuous development, has been reinforced with the ISO/TS 16949 certificate as our products are widely used in the automotive industry. We are preparing for the needs of the future with our continuous development projects of production technology, raw material resources and human resources, which are the real basis of the quality of our products and services. Our company, which always keeps the issue of compliance with the environment and specifications on its agenda, has documented its production process in accordance with ISO 14001 standards. With the same understanding, our products are formulated in accordance with REACH and ROHS directives

With a strong position in both the domestic markets and exports, Ravago Petrochemicals will provide international services to the four main business groups of Ravago Production in globe.

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A Rising Leader In TPE

TPE, a recyclable synthetic rubber group, is manufactured at Ravago in Turkey, Germany, U.S. Ravago is among the top three manufacturers in Europe and top five manufacturers in the world with its Ensoft® & Sconablend® (styrene copolymer - based TPE), Enflex® & Ezprene® (EPDM - based TPE) brands.

The company strives to be ranked among the top three global players as a result of new investments in Asia. Ravago Petrokimya is pursuing leadership in its product group with a 40.000 MT production capacity and it’s R&D Center. TPE products are favored in a number of industries due to their soft tissue and impermeability characteristics, particularly in the automotive and construction sectors as well as in white goods, electric/electronics and sporting goods industries.

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Setting the goal to become a major player in Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics is another product group with Ravago operations in three continents. It includes the reinforced technical plastic group, which can replace metal and other materials in temperatures over 100°C. Materials are produced under the brand names Ravamid® and Enylon® (Polyamide - based EP), Sicoter® & Enester® (Polyester - based EP), Enflen® & Scolefin® (Polypropylene - based EP).

Ravago Petrokimya has realized a capacity increase through new investments and it intends to become a prominent player in this field in Turkey. Engineering plastics are preferred for their weight/strength ratios, ease of production and recyclability, particularly in the automotive and construction industries as well as in electric/electronics and industrial products sectors

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A major EPS producer in the European market

Following acquisitions, Ravago has become a major player in the European market for EPS. It manufactures EPS under the brand names Eurocell®, Monocell® and Sconapor® in production facilities acquired from Styrolution and Monotez. 
Ravago Petrokimya has stepped up investments with the objective of becoming the group’s leading company in EPS. In addition to expansion of the plant area and increase in capacity, nearly €10 million have been invested for the new R&D Center and for manufacturing new product groups with high - heat insulation.
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Expanding TPU & PU Sytems business unit

By acquiring Tekpol at the beginning of 2014, Ravago Petrokimya added polyol and polyurethane system solutions to its product range in the polyurethane industry, which it has entered with its TPU product line.

Ravago Petrokimya undertakes this production with the Evopur® (Rigid PU), Evopol® (Polyol), Evoflex® (Soft PU) and Ravathane® (TPU) brands and ultimately aims to pursue a strong brand strategy by increasing sales in foreign markets within the next three years.