Ravago Petrokimya Uretim’s way of Innovation is transforming an idea into a product, process or service that creates customer centric value. Innovation comes in many different ways. We believe that defining the ultimate goal of innovation as creating the next disruptive product in the market is a misleading and old fashioned conception. In RPU, we encourage our team to make innovation in their daily activities and engaging them in all types of innovation possibilities: quality control, processes, services, data processing, management, etc. Every member of our team can contribute equally to the innovation process. In order to prevent alienation of innovative teams from the rest of the business, ideation and R&D are done within business units or plants rather than at the corporate level.

This, of course, requires necessary infrastructure and organizational culture. We believe that our most valuable asset is people, and we are constantly investing in their growth and setting the climate in our work environment where innovation is deeply embedded. This culture inherently motivates people, empowers them to share ideas and propose ways of executing them. The generated ideas are transformed into doing new things, which altogether lead to innovation. Our management is further supporting this process by constantly investing in infrastructure and going beyond the limits of our capabilities.

We, here at the Ravago R&D Center, have a very young and talented team of engineers and scientists recruited from top universities in the country, making us proactive, flexible and adaptable to the fast changing and unpredictable work environment. We apply open innovation tools by lifting the boundaries between the businesses and the outside world (universities, customers, suppliers, and even competitors) when searching for the next big idea, product, or process that will meet the customer and market demands. Such tools enable us to transform from being a material supplier to a solution provider for our customers. Understanding and solving the needs in the market eventually leads us to develop disruptive technologies that will secure our future. We have come a long way and still we have a constant passion for further progress. Keep watching us.