Ravathane® - TPU

Ravathane® is our brand name for Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. The most outstanding advantage of polyurethane in comparison with other materials is that products with very different hardness, density and elasticity can be produced by modifying their formulations. This allows producing products suitable for different areas of usage just by changing the raw material.

Typical properties of Ravathane® series are given below;

* Wide hardness range  
* Excellent abrasion and stracth resistance
* High elasticity
* High tensile & tear strength
* Good oil and grease resistance
* Low temperature flexibility
* Customized and cost effective solutions
* Recyclable
* Adhesion to polar substrates
* Service temperature; -50˚C to +100˚C   

TPU Processing Methods   
Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers need to be dried to be processed well. The drying process is performed by keeping the product in air-circulation furnaces at 90-100°C, 2-4 hours or in drying rooms for 12 hours. The moisture content of granules should be lower than 0.1% by weight. They can be processed by using  methods, which are used for thermoplastic materials, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, overmolding and film lamination etc.

Possible Applications

Shoe Soles: Outstanding abrasion resistance, Tear resistance, Short cycle time, Flexibility (Even at low temperature), Shock absorption, Hydrolysis resistance

Tactile Markers: Abrasion resistance, Readily demoulded, Substantial damping properties, Mechanical resistance, Long lasting stable


Castor Wheels: Overmould conformity, Extended wear resistance, Chemical resistance, Wear resistance
Delineators: Sharp rebound due to the unique resiliency, Tensile strength (Min. 40  Mpa), High flex fatique

Hose & Tubing: High transparency, Extrusion stability, Low cost, Chemical resistance, Hyrolysis resistance, UV Stable

Timing Belts (Toothed Belts): Stress resistance, High tensile strength, Oil & Grease resistance, Long term service

Animal Identification Tags: Lightfast, Laser markable, Hydrolysis resistance, Microbiological resistance, Low temperature flexibility


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