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Engineering thermoplastics are a group of high-performance plastics that are widely used in industrial parts and components due to their exceptional mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. These plastics are known for their high strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability, making them ideal for applications that require precise tolerances and high durability. Engineering thermoplastics are also characterized by their excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, and wear, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

Ravago, a leading global supplier of thermoplastic resins, offers a wide range of engineering thermoplastics under the brand names Enester, Hylon, and Ravamid.


    Industrial Parts Description
    EM-180-GR5-J1-000 ENESTER EM-180-GR5-J1-000 is 30% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilized and lubricated PBT compound with good strength and stiffness properties.


    Industrial Parts Description
    N1010CSTL2 NT034 HYLON N1010 CSTL2 NT034 is 10% carbon fiber reinforced, impact modified, PA66 compound with excellent strength and stiffness properties.


    Industrial Parts Description
    B GFB 15/15 T H BK 45 RAVAMID B GFB 15/15 T H BK45 is 30% glass bead and glass fiber reinforced, an impact modified heat stabilized industrial PA6 compound with good toughness and stiffness properties.