• With the advantage of very low water absorption and high resistance to chemicals and dimensional stability, Ravago PPS® is an excellent choice for applications at high service temperatures, especially for metal replacements.

    Ravago® PPS

    • Unfilled to %45 Reinforcement* *content
    • Natural, Black
    • Food compliant

    Ravago PPS® compounds provide:

    • Service temperatures up to 240oC
    • Excellent creep resistance
    • Very low water absorption
    • Very good resistance to chemicals
    • High flame retardancy (V0 and 5VA)
    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Ravago PPS® includes:
    • Glass fibre reinforced grades
    • Mineral reinforced grades

    *Reinforcement: Talc, mica, minerals, kaolin, wollastonite, glass fibre, glass bead, glass bubble, carbon fibre