• Ravacell Pro is a range of class silver grey expandable polystyrenes (EPS). They are innovative,ecological and fire resistance products designed for a wide variety of applications on the thermal insulation market. Product is very unique applications to make people life easier and cheaper with energy saving. Ravacell Pro has strong mechanical properties and perfomed high thermal insulation performance.

    Used areas,

    • External, internal walls (ETICS)
    • Floors
    • Cavity walls & Insulated concrete forms
    • Flats
    • Automative applications
    • Injection Moulding
      • Ravacell FP.1 grades

        Particle Size(mm)

        Density Range(kg/m³)

        Application Parts

        Ravacell Pro FP.1 0,6 – 1,60 12(Double exp.)-25(single exp.) Thermal insulations, wall applications,floor and foundations, ETICS

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