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Our TPE compound Ensoft & Enflex & Ezprene products have been developed according to the requested final product specifications, meet the desired standards and comply with the desired regulatory standarts thanks to their special formulas.


    Consumer Applications

    Our TPE compound ensoft enflex ezprene products have been developed according to the requested final product specifications, meet the desired standards and comply with the desired regulatory standarts thanks to their special formulas.

    • Easy to colour and recyclable in production
    • Food contact grades
    • Adhesion grades for hard-soft combinations
    • with recycled content
    • Silky smooth, soft-touch or non-slip surfaces possible
    • compliant with EN 71/3
    • compliant with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
    • compliant with FDA 21 CFR
      RoHS and and REACH compliant


    Sport & Outdoor Applications

    Sporting Goods
    Fitness & Swimming Equipments

    • TPE-S ENSOFT grades can replace synthetic and natural thermoset rubber and offers elastic properties by plastic processing.
    • TPE can also be used to replace PVC for sports equipment, making it more environmentally friendly.
    • Due to their thermoplastic nature, they are recyclable, making them a 'green' proposition to the world.
    • Thanks to its special structures, it has sea salt and long-term UV resistance. They retain their color for a long time without losing their elastic structure. Suitable for skin contact and non-allergenic.

    High Gloss & Transparent TPE

    • Transparent TPE is the ideal solution for the production of objects that require high resistance to mechanical stress, scratching and aging, such as sports equipment (underwater masks, snorkels watch straps), designer items, toys.


    Kitchen Utensil

    Kitchen Utensil

    • Made using thermoplastic elastomers with soft-touch handles. From the hard plastic used in some kitchen knives to the soft, rubbery material used in child safety cutlery, ENSOFT TPE is the right material for the job. FCA & FDA compliance and suitable for skin contact, does not contain any heavy metals.



    Furniture Bed Slat Holder

    • ENSOFT SBS-SEBS based products can be considered as a low economic solutions, with low oil bleeding properties, they are very suitable for bed slat holder parts.

    Anti Slip Floor Mats & Step Boards

    • They are suitable material to replace PVC and rubber to make anti-slip but not sticky surface floor mats that are suitable for bathroom or wet area.


    Castor Wheels

    Castor Wheels

    • Ensoft-Enflex TPE-s & TPE-V materials suitable for the production of wheels suitable for office and garden equipment with their low oil bleed and high abrasion resistance. It is also suitable for hospital bed wheels with antistatic features.


    Office Supplies

    Office Supplies-Pen Grips & Erasers

    • It can be bonded with PP and SAN. They're also easy to color and embroider, giving designers and processors greater design flexibility. With excellent anti-slip surface appearance, it can give users a soft and comfortable touch feeling for better typing experience.


    Toys For Children & Pet Care

    Toys For Children & Pet Care

    • Ensoft TPE materials that comply with EN 71/3 toy regulations. They are free from heavy metals and toxic substances.


    Home and Household Applications

    • ENSOFT TPE materials are suitable for the soft parts of hand tools. A soft and non-slip hand hammer will have better ergonomic function.
    • Using ENSOFT TPE for soft grips on power tools allows you to have a comfortable and firm grip. Your hand does not slip, allowing you to experience much more control and safety.

    Tool Handles & Grips

    • It has high flow property for convenient molding and has chemical resistance.
    • It is easily Co-injection /overmolding on PP, PE, PA, ABS, PC, HIPS…


    • It can be easily colored with masterbatch. Their excellent colorability gives designers and handlers greater possibilities and versatility in toothbrush designs. Our materials adhere well to PP & PS. Their soft and non-slip appearance can provide effective comfort and control in the wearer's daily routine.
    • It is formulated to bind to various engineering plastics such as PP, HIPS and ABS. With good surface appearance, they are perfect for razor blade design, providing excellent control in the user interface.
    • Good bondability
    • High melt flow & Colorability
    • FDA & FCA compliance
    • Low odor & good haptics


    Face Mask & Protection Equipments

    Face Mask & Protection Equipments

    • Ensoft grades are suitable for skin contact and have FCA
    • Established market requirements such as Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 v REACH and RoHS conformity
    • No use of heavy metals; conformity to EN71-3 & Recycable and easy colorable
    • Upon request other hardness levels with FCA that can be fit on purpose to all series
    • These materials can be used if it clearly stated that there is no medical approval required.




    • With excellent stretching properties, good mechanical strength and soft feel, this super-elastic TPE is ideal for personal care applications.
    • Diaper straps made with Ensoft can be easily stretched and secured to guarantee a good fit.
    • Ensoft TPE has skin contact approval and is there are no heavy metals used in its manufacture, ensuring that it is safe to use in intimate applications.