• ENFLEX TPO compounds are resin blends of polypropylene (PP) and un-crosslinked EPDM rubber. They are characterised by high fluidity and impact resistance, low density and good chemical & outdoor resistance.

    ENFLEX TPO can be easily processed by injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding. They are used in applications where there is a requirement for increased toughness and durability over the conventional PP polymers, such as automotive bumpers, wheel arc, bellows by blow molding or roof membrane applications, TPOs are still a very cost effective choice for applications requiring good impact resistance and stiffness.

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  • Dynamically vulcanized ethylene/propylene/diene (EPDM) and polypropylene (PP) blends

  • Based on saturated styrenic block copolymer SEBS (styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene) and polyolefins mainly polypropylene (PP)

  • Unsaturated styrenic block copolymer, SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) based compounds