EP - Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics is another product group of Ravago Petrokimya and it includes the reinforced technical plastic group, which can replace metal and other materials at temperatures over 100°C.

Materials are produced under the brand names ENFLEN® (PP Compounds), ENYLON® (PA Compounds), ENESTER® (PBT Compounds) and ENLAC® (ABS Compounds)

Our product portfolio includes both standard products and specially tailored products in order to meet the demands of our customers. Our philosophy is to formulate the compound to the exact requirements of the customer and the application.

Ravago Petrokimya has realized a capacity increase through new investments and reached 15.000 MT/year capacity. It intends to become a prominent player in this field in Turkey.  

Engineering plastics are preferred for their weight/strength ratios, ease of production and recyclability, particularly in the automotive and construction industries as well as in electric/electronics and industrial products sectors.  

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